Leaks have revealed that Shapeshift Interactive, a web design company founded in 2003, has not only been providing website design services to local financial service giant Old Mutual, but also to Dubai-based client The Fridge.

Revealing Leaks

Shapeshift are reported to be busy designing a revolutionary new platform whereby the artist and events hosting company will be able to keep the Middle Eastern party elite dancing the night away, substance-free. Despite rumours that Shapeshift’s endeavours are the work of one man, which has lead to several IT analysts brazenly jumping on the Programmer on the Grassy Knoll theory, those in the know have clung to the conviction that it might just be a small team of renegade IT’ers (itters, which rhymes with fritters).

Operation Bazooka

Furthermore, sources have revealed that Shapeshift Interactive is busy putting the finishing touches on their personal website development platform, which will allow the electronically downtrodden masses to run and develop their own websites without the help of the so-called ‘Programming Elite’ or PE. This project, codenamed Bazooka, is seen by many on the inside as a revolutionary step in the development of home business and personal websites in Southern Africa. Several analysts, who declined to be named, have been seen jumping up and down and shouting ‘Whapbabaloobabangbang!’.

Little Richard could not be reached for comment.