Video Content & Crowdsourcing

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece on the rise of social media and viral campaigns, which featured Conan O’Brien and the Old Spice Man and their innovative use of the Web 2.0’s interactivity to promote themselves and their products. Of course, the big boys also get to the party at some stage, and Google recently came up with a brilliant idea.

Google has launched a slew of new applications over the course of the last month, everything from the well-known image recognition application Google Goggles, which functions like a combined camera and encyclopedia, to the little-known but very useful WonderWheel. The question is: how could Google create an advertising campaign that would showcase all their diverse applications while still maintaining fresh creative content? And do so cheaply? The answer is, of course, crowdsourcing.

The Solution

Step up Google Demo Slam. Anybody makes a video showcasing how one of the apps is used in everyday life, and each week two videos compete for the most votes, until the final winner is chosen. No cash prizes, no gimmicks. Only a glimmer of glory and bragging rights at the nearest high street coffee chain go to the winner. Google, on the other hand, are the clear winners. Massive exposure for their apps, massive doses of creativity from all angles, and all for free. Maria Sharapova even got involved, for crying out loud.

Here’s what Corey Christiansen, creative director for M80, the social media company that Google outsourced the project to, had to say:

“As far as Google’s objectives with Demo Slam – Google makes thousands of free technologies, but a lot of people don’t even know about them. We thought organizing the world’s most creative tech demo battle would be a great way to help educate people about what’s available and the many uses for each technology.”

The Future

So here’s the naked truth: we’re all advertisers. We’re all marketing machines. Like Jack London said between dog sled races and taming the wild: “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” Everyone has a webcam or camcorder, free video editing software and a YouTube account. Pick your target, and then go clubbing.

Go have a peek: